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Version 3.24.0
It's finally here!
I'm proud to announce that Builder 3.24 is here and ready to rock'n'roll. We
have been busy fixing as much as we can to ensure our .0 release is a smooth
Changes since 3.23.92 include:
Many documentation improvements
Various Flatpak improvements
Support build-commands and post-install fields of json manifest
Ensure GNOME remotes exist for additional code-paths
Refresh flatpak installations after installations
A number of correctness fixes in subprocess execution via HostCommand
CCache support works again when building under Flatpak
Process supervisor tries harder to prevent flapping of subprocess
HTML preview support for reStruccturedText
rustup improvements when running under Flatpak
phpize build system support
Help will more correctly detect access to the documentation website
before falling back to locally installed documentation
Jsonrpc-GLib has been updated to support a GVariant-based API so plugins
can upgrade IPC to an encoding format that reduces memory-fragmentation
CTags support has been improved to be more efficient on larger projects
Updated transitions:
Swedish, Indonesian, Danish, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Kazakh, Korean, Spanish,
Friulian, Galician, French, Czech, German, Italian, Slovak, Polish,
Brazilian Portuguese
Version 3.23.92
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