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Release 3.33.1

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Version 3.32.0
Version 3.33.1
Changes since last release:
• Improve restoring cursor after loading buffer
• Various API changes to avoid out-params with async functions
• Styling tweaks for matching brackets
• Updated documentation
• Updated translations
Version 3.31.92
Changes since last release:
• Destroy various IdeObject after they are no longer needed reducing
memory usage a bit
• Add missing shortcuts to shortcuts window
• Fix various compiler warnings for release builds
• Tweak builder-dark style-scheme for Adwaita changes
• Allow project-tree to be used from editor workspace
• Allow gnome: gitlab: and github: prefixes when using --clone
• Unit Tests now have a VTE-based output panel when running
• Initial support for waf build system
• Cached build targets are invalidated when build config changes
which should help ensure that "Run" does not execute stale
• Changing devices now properly invalidates the build manager
• A rofiles-fuse wrapper is provided when building for Flatpak
• Scrolling with j/k/up/down in Vim mode is less jarring at line
boundaries by avoiding additional scrolling
• New jump list desktop actions are provided for GNOME shell
• Avoid indexing large directories when not in project-mode
• Builder now requires meson 0.50 to build
• The appdata name was restored to it's previous name for compatibility
• Global search now uses a button which auto-expands into a search entry
when focused.
• The git plugin has been rewritten to use an out-of-process git daemon
which communicates over stdin/stdout using DBus serialization.
• The vala plugin has been moved out-of-process. Some features are disabled
but will come back in a future release.
• Improvements to editor menus
• Waf support handles foreign python better
• Allow ignoring code-index directories with a .noindex file
• Fixes to editor overscroll
• Improvements when home directory is detected to be within a symlink
• Improvements to projects that are found within a symlink
• Control key now toggles opacity of completion window
• Bump C++ build requirement for more modern preprocessor features
• Initial podman support when --preserve-fds is available
• Style fixes for sourceview line gutter background rendering
• The flatpak-plugin has been ported away from libgit2-glib
• The Builder UI process no longer links against libgit2-glib
• C++ alternate-file matching for compile_commands.json has improved
• C/C++ flags --std= option is now supported in addition to -std=
• PR_SET_PDEATHSIG is used for child processes spawned from the main-thread
• A new fast-int conversion implementation has been added that saves about
256kb of rodata
• A new DBus inspector tool has been added
• Git line change detection improvements
• "New item" buttons were removed from the frame header popover
• Updated translations
Version 3.31.91
Changes since last release:
• Fix three-finger-swipe gesture in keyboard shortcuts.
• Respect sort-directories-first gsetting in project-tree.
• Icons for the newcomers initiative have updated.
• Loading of custom gtksourceview style schemes has been restored.
• gnome-builder -e will now open a new editor window.
• Plugins can now add delay in "settling" the buffer before saving.
• The git plugin will settle for updated line changes before the buffer
can be saved. This fixes an issue with trim-spaces plugin not trimming
all of the expected lines.
• Builder's flatpak-based fusermount wrapper was simplified. This could
use testing with regards to rofiles and flatpak-builder.
• Various search workflow improvements.
• The VCS file monitor now contains a sequence number that can be used to
optimize some additional work such as installing a project. Builder will
no longer install the project before each project Run unless a file within
the project tree has changed. Projects that rely on external files will
need to press "Build" before "Run" if only external files have changed.
• Improvements to guessing language syntax when a buffer is created.
• Add an experimental podman runtime provider. This is not enabled by
default and we do not recommend enabling it at this time.
• Updated translations.
Thanks to the many contributors that provided patches during this cycle!
Version 3.31.90
Changes since last release:
• Appdata and icon updates.
• Many bugs found from refactoring fallout have been fixed.
• New plugin APIs have been added and some existing APIs tweaked
as we stabilize for release.
• Theme tweaks to match upcoming Adwaita changes.
• gdb improvements including use of fewer deprecated MI commands.
• The greeter has been redesigned and simplified.
• The git gutter now more accurately displays line information.
• Menus have been tweaked to more closely fit with GNOME 3.32 guidelines.
• The code indexer was redesigned to provide progress and improved pausibility.
We expect more changes before 3.32 to reduce overhead of larger projects.
• Code indexers and ctags will delay initial indexing until a user operation
has occurred like saving a file or a successful build.
• LSP conformance improvements.
• The project tree now provides some basic VCS information and allows
switching branches using the context menu. This exposed a bug in libgit2-glib
which has been fixed there too. We recommend packagers ensure that bug fix
has landed in their libgit2-glib.
• Updated translations.
Thanks to the many contributors that provided patches during this cycle!
Currently, this release requires libgit2-glib from master as there is
not currently a 3.33.1 equivalent release.
Version 3.31.4
Version 3.32.1
Changes since last release:
• A large number of changes as part of refactoring the core of Builder.
• Basic support for multiple workspace windows for a project. Such is useful
in multi-monitor setups.
• Add --clone, --greeter, --manifest, --editor command line options.
• Opening files via .desktop mimetypes should no longer open a project,
only the source file.
• Various build system information has been coalesced into the project tree.
• Many meson_options.txt changes including a number of plugin options
were simplified.
• Configuration view has been abstracted to allow plugins to extend build
We expect there to be a number of bugs found during the following releases
due to the magnitude of refactoring this cycle. We appreciate those taking
time to file good bug reports for us.
We also anticipate a lot of translation updates so translation teams may want
to get a head start sooner rather than later.
• Appdata updates
• The project-tree now auto-resizes the column
• Stability improvements to the flatpak plugin
• The flatpak plugin now queries before installing dependencies
• The code-index can be avoided by placing a ".noindex" file in a directory
• Transfer notifications have cancel buttons restored
• Waf improvements
• Flatpak uses fallback-x11 now instead of x11 by default
• RLS support can now be disabled by disabling the plugin
• A leak was fixed for semantic highlight indexes
• Scroll improvements for the source code editor
• Improved support for symlinks above the project directory
• Support for podman's --preserve-fds option
• Sourceview line number background drawing is improved
• Updated documentation
• Updated translations
Version 3.31.1
Version 3.32.0
Changes since last release:
• Updated translations.
• Add setting to disable clearing build caches at startup.
• Build system improvements for release/nodebug builds.
• Swith to using window menus instead of app-menu for 3.32.
• Ignore history jumps while buffer is loading.
• Build fixes for unit tests when building without installing.
• Gdb plugin fixes when communicating with flatpak-based apps.
• Add X-Flatpak-RenamedFrom to desktop file.
• Install legacy gtksourceview-3.0 files.
• New shortcuts for headerbar buttons.
• Improved session saving to track previous searches.
• Add support for updating git submodules along with dependencies.
• SSL/PKI fixes when running under flatpak.
• Port various structs to GArcBox.
• Gstyle compilation fixes and improvements.
• Vim improvements.
• New meson project templates.
Version 3.30.0
Changes since last (beta) release:
• Allow disabling interactive completion
• Additional gobject snippets
• Theme fixes for non-Adwaita themes
• Build Config fixes when duplicating environments
Updated Translations:
Swedish, Danish, Hungarian, Korean, Romanian, Turkish, Galician, Indonesian,
Czech, German, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese
• Improve restoring cursor after loading buffer
• Various API changes to avoid out-params with async functions
• Styling tweaks for matching brackets
• Updated documentation
• Updated translations
project('gnome-builder', 'c',
license: 'GPL3+',
version: '3.33.0',
version: '3.33.1',
meson_version: '>= 0.50.0',
default_options: [ 'c_std=gnu11',
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