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......@@ -4,12 +4,23 @@ Version 3.31.1
Changes since last release:
• Updated translations.
• Add setting to disable clearing build caches at startup.
• Build system improvements for release/nodebug builds.
Updated Translations:
French, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish
• Swith to using window menus instead of app-menu for 3.32.
• Ignore history jumps while buffer is loading.
• Build fixes for unit tests when building without installing.
• Gdb plugin fixes when communicating with flatpak-based apps.
• Add X-Flatpak-RenamedFrom to desktop file.
• Install legacy gtksourceview-3.0 files.
• New shortcuts for headerbar buttons.
• Improved session saving to track previous searches.
• Add support for updating git submodules along with dependencies.
• SSL/PKI fixes when running under flatpak.
• Port various structs to GArcBox.
• Gstyle compilation fixes and improvements.
• Vim improvements.
• New meson project templates.
Version 3.30.0
......@@ -82,297 +82,28 @@
<translation type="gettext">gnome-builder</translation>
<release version="3.30.0" date="2018-09-04">
After six months of development, Builder 3.30 is finally here.
Some notable improvements include:
<li>A new completion engine that is faster and more scalable.</li>
<li>Interactive tooltips in the source code editor.</li>
<li>Builder now saves your session and restores it upon re-opening the project.</li>
<li>Clang has been moved out of process and requires significantly less memory when combined with Clang 6.0 or newer.</li>
<li>Initial support for sysroots and non-standard toolchains.</li>
<li>Builder now uses even less memory.</li>
<release version="3.29.92" date="2018-08-29">
This is a relatively small update release as we progress to 3.30.
Of note is rename symbol support for C and C++ languages when using clang.
Additionally, the hover popver has seen some improvements.
<release version="3.29.91" date="2018-08-15">
A number of critical bug fixes and memory leaks were fixed this release.
Additionally, projects now restore their sessions including horizontal and vertical splits.
<release version="3.29.4" date="2018-07-17">
This release includes a brand new interactive tooltip for the source code editor.
A number of critical bug fixes are included as well.
<release version="3.29.3" date="2018-06-18">
This release includes a brand new auto-completion engine which allows for considerably less overhead.
A number of critical bug fixes are included as well.
<release version="3.29.1" date="2018-04-16">
Builder 3.29.1 is our first development release towards 3.29.1.
This mostly includes non-visible changes such as a new thread pool and code-indexer APIs.
<li>A new "Runtime Terminal" option has been added to get a terminal in the same environment as running the application. Contrast this to a "Build Terminal" which is the build environment.</li>
<li>A new sysroot plugin to work alternative install roots.</li>
<li>Many improvements to plugins.</li>
<li>Various performance improvements and memory leak fixes.</li>
<release version="3.28.0" date="2018-03-13">
Builder 3.28 brings 6 months of features, bug fixes, and performance improvements.
<li>Significant improvements in memory usage.</li>
<li>Builder now monitors your project's file-system for changes to update the sidebar in real-time.</li>
<li>Builder gained the support for drag-n-drop of files in the project sidebar and editor.</li>
<li>Builder now tracks git status in the sidebar for quickly locating new and changed files.</li>
<li>An overview of the build pipeline is provided in the build panel which updates as the build progresses.</li>
<li>Builder now extracts progress messages from tooling such as flatpak-builder and displays it prominently in the project bar.</li>
<li>Builder tries to avoid building projects immediately upon opening, and no longer auto-updates dependencies upon loading.</li>
<li>Developers can update project dependencies for certain project backends such as Flatpak and Cargo using the "Update Dependencies" button in the omnibar.</li>
<li>Builder now uses a pseudo-terminal for build output, allowing color output from build tooling.</li>
<li>A simplified newcomers experience has been added, to click on a newcomer project icon and immediately clone/open the project.</li>
<li>Editor search has been improved to be more reliable and predictable in usage.</li>
<li>The project open dialog now defaults to directory selection. It will autodetect the project backend based on the directory contents.</li>
<li>The code indexers have been improved.</li>
<li>Support for compile_commands.json has been added for Meson and CMake build systems.</li>
<li>Three-finger-swipe can be used to move pages left or right.</li>
<li>A number of improvements to Meson, CMake, and Make project support.</li>
<li>New templates including a Mono-based Gtk♯ application and a command-line based Makefile template.</li>
<li>A number of features were added in our Flatpak support, including support for Flatpak SDK extensions.</li>
<li>Builder no longer requires flatpak-builder on the host when running from Flatpak, it is now bundled with Builder.</li>
<li>Technology preview for external devices, adding the ability to compile for alternate architectures.</li>
<li>Technology preview of integrated unit testing is included.</li>
<release version="3.27.92" date="2018-03-04">
This is our last beta release before 3.28.
Please file bugs for any issues you come across.
<li>A number of non-visible changes have occurred in our build pipeline.</li>
<release version="3.27.91" date="2018-02-20">
This is a bugfix release for bugs found in 3.27.90.
We would love for you to file bugs for any issues you come across to help us get Builder as stable as possible.
<li>A spinloop was fixed for projects containing symlinks.</li>
<li>Various bugfixes for Flatpak-based projects including support for --own-name.</li>
<li>The editor gutter now supports tooltips when hovering over line numbers.</li>
<li>Various Vim emulation improvements.</li>
<release version="3.27.90" date="2018-02-04">
This release is our first Alpha for the upcoming GNOME 3.28 release.
We have primarily been focused on stablizing features added during the cycle.
We would love for you to file bugs for any issues you come across to help us get Builder as stable as possible.
<release version="3.27.4" date="2018-01-08">
A number of performance improvements and bug fixes have landed in this release.
Notably, the project tree now supports displaying status from the Version Control System.
<li>A new IdeVcsMonitor interface provides status tracking for project files. This can be used to show the status in the project tree.</li>
<li>The editor supports Drag'n'Drop to open files, also allowing placement of the editor frame to the left/right/top/bottom of an existing editor frame.</li>
<li>A new message pane allows plugins to deliver information to users, particular about failures which would otherwise be silently dropped to the console. It is hidden until the first message is displayed.</li>
<li>A number of improvements to subsystems for better error tracking, memory leaks, and correctness fixes.</li>
<li>Save-All shortcut has been fixed.</li>
<li>The “hamburger” menu has been hidden by default, but will automatically display if any plugins end up using it. Currently, all plugins have removed their use of it.</li>
<li>Fullscreen now has a top-level button.</li>
<li>Newcomers greeter section now displays the included programming languages to help guide developers to projects they may want to contribute to.</li>
<li>The omnibar now includes a button to download dependencies.</li>
<li>Unit tests are reloaded whenever the build pipeline is updated.</li>
<li>Symbol Tree will now more reliably show document contents.</li>
<li>Builder can now chain GCancellables together, meaning more reliable cancellation of complex operations such as project building.</li>
<li>The build status panel can now display the build pipeline stages and update them as the build progresses.</li>
<li>The Clang plugin will more reliably work when used to build against a host system from Builder shipped via Flatpak.</li>
<li>Support for LLVM 5.0.</li>
<li>Various compilation fixes for FreeBSD.</li>
<release version="3.27.3" date="2017-12-11">
A number of performance improvements and bug fixes have landed in this release.
Notably, the project tree will now automatically update when changes are discovered and includes status from version control.
Also, you can now Drag'n'Drop items in the project tree.
<li>Debugging with gdb has been improved to translate paths when running inside of a mount namespace such as flatpak.</li>
<li>Improvements to eslint and GJS code indexers to be more flexible with other JS runtimes such as NodeJS.</li>
<li>A number of correctness fixes in plumbing and for memory leaks.</li>
<li>A new build target provider interface has been added so the project runner can support executing commands extracted from systems such as flatpak.</li>
<li>GNOME Night Light integration.</li>
<li>Improved greeter sections with support removing data files.</li>
<li>Builder will try to remove stale cache data at startup and shutdown to help free some disk usage.</li>
<li>Project cache data has been moved into a directory by project, making it easier to remove cache data when a project is removed.</li>
<li>Improved alignments for home/end shortcuts.</li>
<li>The build pipeline now uses a PTY and VteTerminal to gain color support and extraction of PTY sequences. This allows for proper message titles in the omnibar when building. One regression currently is that we no longer extract Regex-based error messages.</li>
<li>You can now run Cargo-based projects using cargo run.</li>
<li>Access to /usr and /etc from the host system when running under Flatpak (via /run/host) allows Builder to develop against a host system. Users of Builder on CentOS/RHEL/LTS distros are the most likely to benefit from this feature.</li>
<li>The build pipeline tries to be more verbose for known error messages in GLib by setting G_ENABLE_DIAGNOSTIC.</li>
<li>Builder now uses --state-dir with flatpak-builder when 0.10.5 or greater of flatpak-builder is detected.</li>
<li>The project-tree now supports Drag'n'Drop, both internally and using text/uri-list selections from external applications.</li>
<li>An early preview of VCS status integration into the project tree has been included in this release.</li>
<release version="3.27.2" date="2017-11-18">
A number of performance improvements and bug fixes have landed in this release.
Newcomers will find a simplified experience to quickly clone, build, and run their first project.
A preview of unit testing integration has also landed for Meson-based projects.
<li>Documentation improvements.</li>
<li>Bug fixes for the meson build system backend.</li>
<li>Bug fixes in our compile_commands.json support.</li>
<li>Bug fixes in our GJS integration.</li>
<li>Meson project templates gained a Workaround for a glade bug.</li>
<li>CMake plugin was ported to C, following the design of the meson plugin.</li>
<li>The greeter was abstracted to allow plugins to extend what is visible.</li>
<li>A newcomers plugin has been added which displays GNOME newcomer projects on the greeter.</li>
<li>Support was added for Yaml when using GNOME Code Assistance.</li>
<li>Appdata now installs to the preferred location of the spec.</li>
<li>Startup time has been improved by avoiding some costly operations in gtk and glib. Patches upstream improve things further.</li>
<li>A new setting allows following GNOME's Night Light behavior for night mode.</li>
<li>We now use explicit export macros to simplify ABI management. We still aren't ABI-stable, but we're progressing towards that.</li>
<li>Our clang plugin now supports the KeepGoing option, to try harder after encountering failures in includes.</li>
<li>Support for code-indexing the Vala programming language.</li>
<li>The ctags plugin will try to avoid activating certain language keywords.</li>
<li>Find-other-file plugin now shows the results in global search results.</li>
<li>Global search can now be navigated with ctrl+n/p in Vim mode.</li>
<li>You can now disable the "Open Pages" section of the sidebar in preferences.</li>
<li>The flatpak plugin no longer automatically updates project dependencies when the build system activates for the first time. You can manually update the dependencies from the workbench menu.</li>
<li>Cursor placement improvements for some text editor movements.</li>
<li>Basic support for unit testing in Meson-based projects.</li>
<li>Subprocess PATH will now prefer /bin over /usr/bin.</li>
<li>Various workbench keyboard shortcuts have been restored.</li>
<li>Support for project miners has been dropped.</li>
<release version="3.27.1" date="2017-10-18">
<release version="3.31.1" date="2018-10-08">
This release kicks off our development phase towards 3.28.
A number of performance improvements and bug fixes have landed.
Our first development release as we progress towards 3.32 is here.
<li>A new GJS symbol resolver and code-index.</li>
<li>Editor search has been rewritten to improve performance and reduce code complexity.</li>
<li>Three-finger-swipe can be used on wayland-based systems to move documents left or right.</li>
<li>The Todo plugin not repsects .gitignore and fixes an off-by-one when jumping to a given line.</li>
<li>Thread-safety fixes.</li>
<li>Startup performance has been drastically improved.</li>
<li>Projects now load even faster.</li>
<li>Preferences have been moved out of the workbench into a dialog.</li>
<li>Preferences can now be accessed from the project selection greeter.</li>
<li>Accessing build flags for code-insight has been optimized for Meson.</li>
<li>Queued build pipeline operations will now complete sooner in some situations.</li>
<li>Improved support for extracting symbol names in the debugger and profiler.</li>
<li>Style tweaks to Builder's dark theme.</li>
<li>The fpaste plugin was removed as it had become obsolete.</li>
<release version="3.26.0" date="2017-09-11">
This new release of Builder contains a host of new features and bug fixes.
It is the culmination of 6 months of development for GNOME 3.26.
<li>The Builder UI has gone through a substantial design facelift.</li>
<li>Improvements to Ctags, Clang, Python, and Word based autocompletion.</li>
<li>You can now hover over API in C and C++ files to display their API via devhelp. F2 may also be used.</li>
<li>A new code-indexing plugin provides symbol search from global search for C and C++ files.</li>
<li>A new Debugger has landed with a reference implementation using the GNU debugger.</li>
<li>A new retab plugin to reindent your source code.</li>
<li>A new Vim-like word completion provider has been added, available via ctrl+n/ctrl+p in Vim mode.</li>
<li>A notification plugin to notify of build completion.</li>
<li>Preview support for Sphinx-based documentation.</li>
<li>Improvements to spellcheck, beautifier and color plugins.</li>
<li>Plugins can now register "pausable" actions which allow the user to temporarily stop heavy background operations.</li>
<li>Improved history navigation.</li>
<li>Various Language Server Protocol bug fixes.</li>
<li>The Todo plugin has been ported to C and uses less memory.</li>
<li>Scrolling to the insertion cursor when loading a buffer has been fixed.</li>
<li>Improvements to UI responsiveness.</li>
<li>Panels now properly maintain their visibility between runs of Builder.</li>
<li>A new shortcut engine has landed, allowing for many future improvements.</li>
<li>Fixes for the fallback code indenter.</li>
<li>Builder no longer uses Gtk's "sort-directories-first" property.</li>
<li>The BuilderBlocks font has been improved to support lower and uppercase.</li>
<li>Builder will now use gdb if available to inspect itself in event of a crash, simplifying bug reporting by users.</li>
<li>The find-other-file plugin can now switch between files other than C and C++ files.</li>
<li>Performance of loading source code has been improved.</li>
<li>The eslint plugin has been improved.</li>
<li>Add setting to disable clearing build caches at startup.</li>
<li>Swith to using window menus instead of app-menu for 3.32.</li>
<li>Ignore history jumps while buffer is loading.</li>
<li>Gdb plugin fixes when communicating with flatpak-based apps.</li>
<li>Install legacy gtksourceview-3.0 files.</li>
<li>New shortcuts for headerbar buttons.</li>
<li>Improved session saving to track previous searches.</li>
<li>Add support for updating git submodules along with dependencies.</li>
<li>SSL/PKI fixes when running under flatpak.</li>
<li>Vim improvements.</li>
<li>New meson project templates.</li>
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......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ author = 'Christian Hergert, et al.'
# The short X.Y version.
version = '3.31'
# The full version, including alpha/beta/rc tags.
release = '3.31.0'
release = '3.31.1'
# The language for content autogenerated by Sphinx. Refer to documentation
# for a list of supported languages.
project('gnome-builder', 'c',
license: 'GPL3+',
version: '3.31.0',
meson_version: '>= 0.47.1',
version: '3.31.1',
meson_version: '>= 0.47.2',
default_options: [ 'c_std=gnu11',
......@@ -247,7 +247,7 @@ ld_supports_version_script = cc.links('''
message('Linker supports --version-script: @0@'.format(ld_supports_version_script))
# Commonly used deps
libdazzle_dep = dependency('libdazzle-1.0', version: '>= 3.31.0')
libdazzle_dep = dependency('libdazzle-1.0', version: '>= 3.31.1')
libgio_dep = dependency('gio-2.0', version: '>= 2.57.2')
libgiounix_dep = dependency('gio-unix-2.0')
libgtk_dep = dependency('gtk+-3.0', version: '>= 3.22.26')
......@@ -15,8 +15,8 @@ sysprof_sources = [
gnome_builder_plugins_deps += [
dependency('sysprof-2', version: '>= 3.29.3'),
dependency('sysprof-ui-2', version: '>= 3.29.3'),
dependency('sysprof-2', version: '>= 3.31.1'),
dependency('sysprof-ui-2', version: '>= 3.31.1'),
gnome_builder_plugins_sources += files(sysprof_sources)
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