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NEWS: update news from 3.26.1

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Version 3.26.1
Changes since last release:
• Builder now bundles uncrustify when built from Flatpak.
• Builder no longer includes tracing in stable flatpak build.
• Fixes when using the XML editing extensions.
• The vsplit vim command now accepts a filename to open.
• Improvements to Vim chords y$, yfX, de, db, and dw.
• Improvements when pasting from external clipboard content.
• Fix error propragation when loading git repositories.
• Use GNotification instead of manual D-Bus RPCs.
• Significantly reduce chatter when notifying about builds.
• Fix Home and End keys when in Vim normal mode.
• Add Flathub repo to list of known Flatpak runtime sources,
which allows building against an org.kde.Sdk.
• Unsaved file buffers now use atomic renames when interacting
with code diagnostic engines.
• Various debugger bug fixes.
• The editor attempts to avoid propagating resize events to the
root window, which should help speed up the editor a fair amount.
• Preferences loading has been delayed until project load time. This
helps reduce application startup time.
• The cursor now properly returns to the editor when leaving the
global search entry.
• The Fpaste plugin was removed as upstream API is changed too
drastically to keep this plugin working.
• A new condensed "omni gutter" has been added to reduce the width
of the gutter in languages that support debugging.
• Icons are now properly displayed in the document popover menu.
• A leak of editor views has been fixed which was caused by
Python lambda's in the html-preview plugin.
• Tweaks to various UI CSS styling.
• The debugger and profiler plugins now try harder to locate sources
through .Debug or .Sdk flatpak runtimes when libraries missing
debug symbols are encountered.
• Fixes for various keyboard shortcut activation.
• Preferences now properly release their addins on destruction.
• The workbench was leaking addins on shutdown. They are now
properly released, and the window is hidden before releasing
addins to avoid showing widgets as they are destroyed.
• Builder will avoid showing the greeter when loading a project
using the `gnome-builder -p project_file` command line argument.
This speeds up direct loading of a project by about half.
• Builder will attempt to use "gio trash" on the host when running
inside of flatpak when the Trash is across a file-system boundary.
We expect this to go away once GIO learns about /proc/self/mountinfo
to discover when "cross bindmount" trash is acceptable.
• The python indenter has been fixed when using compose keys with e or f.
• (Re)selection of text when entering the search bar has been fixed. This
had the side effect of it appearing that your search term was silently
being dropped after a few characters were typed.
Updated Translations:
French, Swedish, Indonesian, Danish, Hungarian, British English,
Turkish, Galician, Spanish, Czech, Slovenian, Italian, Polish,
Brazilian Portuguese
Version 3.26.0
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