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release: 3.16.1

Thanks everyone!
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Version 3.16.1
GNOME 3.16.1 is here, and so is a new release of Builder!
While most projects are focused on improving stability for 3.16.1, Builder is
quickly adding the features you need. This is only possible because we are
still an early preview application.
Some highlights of the over 300 new commits in this release:
• Improved project tree including support for creating files and folders,
opening with external programs based on content-type, and file-manager
integration. (Christian Hergert, Garrett Regier)
• A new incremental semantic syntax highlighting engine.
• Semantic highlighting for C and C++ using Clang AST.
• Document selection popover to ease switching between documents.
• Symbols navigator for C and C++ files.
• Apply "Fix-It" for C and C++ as provided by Clang.
• Highlight build warnings in squiggly yellow lines.
• Improvements to dark theme.
• Improvements to Builder's style scheme for C and C++ languages.
• "Jump to definition" support for C and C++ languages.
Ctrl+] or gd in vim mode, <alt>period in emacs mode.
• A new project selection and creation dialog on startup.
• Git clone support from new project dialog.
• "Find other file" similar to emacs to switch between source and header
files in C and C++.
• Improvements to scroll-offset which allows you to keep a given number
of lines above and below the cursor. (Carlos Soriano, Christian Hergert)
• Respect Gtk's "sort-directories-first" GSetting. (Garrett Regier)
• Improvements to VIM mode including support for :bnext, :bprevious,
:buffers and :ls (Alexandre Franke, Sebastien Lafargue)
• Split support for HTML view (Sebastien Lafargue)
• Build fixes for FreeBSD (Ting-Wei Lan)
• Build fixes for OpenBSD (Antoine Jacoutot)
• Support for editing "application/x-php" files.
• Support extraction of CFLAGS from out-of-tree, non-recursive automake.
(Christian Hergert, Giovanni Campagna)
• A new symbolic icon (Jakub Steiner)
• Improvements to handling of drafts (Paolo Borelli)
• Improvements to autotools builders (Paolo Borelli)
• Many translation updates including Czech, Polish, and Hebrew.
(Marek Černocký, Piotr Drąg, and Yosef Or Boczko)
I'd like to thank everyone that filed bugs, submitted patches, translated,
tested, or plans to test Builder.
Together, great things are possible.
Version 3.16.0
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