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build: release 3.17.92

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Version 3.17.92
Another Builder release is here!
This release is a snapshot before the final 3.18 release expected next week.
This gives packages a chance to ensure that everything is in working order
for the 3.18 release.
We'd like to remember everything that Builder is still a beta product and we
are working hard towards implementing all the requested features.
There are lots of changes this cycle, some more infrastructure than cosmetic.
A few of them are as follows:
• Progress on implementing UI designs.
• A new shortcuts dialog to help you discover features.
• A new plugin engine powered by Libpeas. Currently, only in-tree plugins
are supported. Plugins can be written in C or Python3.
• A new workspace layout with panels which can be extended by plugins.
• Completion with support for GObject Introspection for Python3 using Jedi.
• Progress on device manager and CPU graphs.
• Symbol tree is now shown in a panel which reduces widget overhead.
• Loading of previous buffers is faster.
• Read-only snippets viewer has been added to preferences.
• Read-only plugin viewer in preferences.
• Build systems can now be implemented as plugins.
• Support for Terminals using VTE.
• Editor overview map has been moved into GtkSourceView.
• Smart backspace has been moved into GtkSourceView.
• Builder gained printer support.
Thanks again to all our translators that kept things up to date while we
churned through bugs late in the cycle. We hope to do this less as we come
out of beta.
For those that are *very* adventurous, Builder should compile on OS X now with
a properly configured jhbuild toolchain. Additionally, we have maintained
compatability with FreeBSD and OpenBSD thanks to generous contributions.
Notes to packagers
• We now install multiple private shared libraries to $prefix/gnome-builder/
• Plugins are installed to $prefix/gnome-builder/plugins/
I'd like to thank our nearly 40 contributors this cycle for all your patches
and time spent on making Builder great!
-- Christian
Version 3.16.3
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dnl ***********************************************************************
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