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release 3.29.92

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Version 3.29.92
Changes since last release:
• Workarounds for various network portal issues and HTTP url opening.
• The clang plugin now supports renaming symbols within a file. This uses
the clang-rename binary, and therefore is limited to the same restrictions
as that tool (which match those of clangd).
• Various build system improvements to simplify downstream packaging.
• Some snippet and rust completion improvements.
• The hover popover tries to handle more corner cases.
• "dW" now uses the proper full-word mode under vim emulation.
Updated Translations:
French, Kazakh, British English, Korean, Chinese (Taiwan), Romanian, Finnish,
Indonesian, Czech, Brazilian
Version 3.29.91
......@@ -82,6 +82,16 @@
<release version="3.29.92" date="2018-08-29">
This is a relatively small update release as we progress to 3.30.
Of note is rename symbol support for C and C++ languages when using clang.
Additionally, the hover popver has seen some improvements.
<release version="3.29.91" date="2018-08-15">
project('gnome-builder', 'c',
license: 'GPL3+',
version: '3.29.91',
version: '3.29.92',
meson_version: '>= 0.47.1',
default_options: [ 'c_std=gnu11',
......@@ -247,7 +247,7 @@ ld_supports_version_script = cc.links('''
message('Linker supports --version-script: @0@'.format(ld_supports_version_script))
# Commonly used deps
libdazzle_dep = dependency('libdazzle-1.0', version: '>= 3.29.91')
libdazzle_dep = dependency('libdazzle-1.0', version: '>= 3.29.92')
libgio_dep = dependency('gio-2.0', version: '>= 2.57.2')
libgiounix_dep = dependency('gio-unix-2.0')
libgtk_dep = dependency('gtk+-3.0', version: '>= 3.22.26')
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