Commit 155529a5 authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert

release 3.16.2!

See NEWS for the details.
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Version 3.16.2
Based on early feedback from 3.16.1, I'm announcing a followup release.
This is primarily a bug-fix release.
• Fix double free in dummy vcs.
• Fix project tree loading in dummy vcs.
• Fix workbench action names in emacs mode.
• Improve sorting of filenames in project tree.
• Ensure loading of files matching content types supported by
• Enable project tree by default.
• Enable project tree icons by default.
• Add rename file in project tree.
• Add move to trash in project tree.
• Sort previously opened projects before projects discovered by miners.
• Use sysconf() for page size (fixes building on OpenBSD).
• Various clang build fixes.
• Use arrow down instead of hamburger for search bar.
• Fix unicode in markdown live preview.
Thanks to everyone that tested 3.16.1 and provided feedback!
Version 3.16.1
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