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release 3.25.1

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Version 3.25.1
The road to 3.26 has begun, and 3.25.1 is here to kick that off.
• A new retab plugin to reindent your source code.
• Auto-save can now be configured.
• A new notification plugin to notify of build completion.
• Preview support for Sphinx.
• Improved jump support in the editor.
• The "install" action can be run from the command-bar to install
your project without running.
• Word completion minimum length can now be configured.
• Ctags improvements.
• A save button has been added to the Build Log.
• Release auto-save timeout after a manual save to reduce the
number of file-system operations.
• Allow jhbuild from alternate PATHs.
• Animation improvements, including support for animating based on
screen DPI and physical space. This has the potential to make
animations smoother, but may cause issues with miss-reporting
EDID information. Mitigations are provided.
• Do not download SDKs or dependencies when on metered connections.
This can be disabled in preferences.
• Bump vala requirement to 0.38.
• The editor now supports text-wrapping but is not enabled by default
due to the performance penalty.
• Plugins are discovered in ~/.local/share/gnome-builder/plugins, even
when distributed under Flatpak.
• Don't take into account failed or cancelled transfers when calculating
transfer progress.
• Various build tooling widgetry will become insensitive while the build
pipeline is not useable.
• Language Server Protocol improvements.
• Various memory leaks and bug fixes.
Updated translations:
French, Swedish, Danish, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Korean, German, Spanish,
Italian, Slovak, Brazilian Portuguese, Latvian, Russian, Serbian
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dnl ***********************************************************************
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