Reload .buildconfig when changed on disk


Monitor .buildconfig and reload it when changes.

GFileMonitor might trigger its changed callback even if the monitor was blocked during save/load. Therefore the last known modification time is also saved to avoid reloading the most recently saved .buildconfig. This would interfere with the "Configure Project" GUI (e.g. when adding additional variables)

Fixed #1868 (closed)

Tested cases:

Case 1:

  1. Changed a .buildconfig (including the name of the config).
  2. Then checked "Configure Project" to confirm changes.

Case 2:

  1. Modify config in "Configure Project" (e.g. adding additional variables)
  2. Checked .buildconfig on disk

Known issue:

When the .buildconfig file is overwritten/changed while a .buildconfig based config is edited in the "Configure Project" GUI as well, any further changes on the GUI will be ignored (i.e. will not be saved). I think this is acceptable for this feature.

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