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flatpak: use private flatpak installation for fallbacks

Christian Hergert requested to merge wip/chergert/flatpak-repo into master

This helps manage our private repository so we can support flatpak, gnome-nightly, and flatpak-beta repositories without perturbing the user installation.

This is a successor to the ideas from #1486 (closed) and the work @Vanadiae did in !425 (closed). It is based upon the ideas in that work, albeit in a different way.

To do updates, we update the SDK/Platform as part of "update dependencies" which we can improve longer term once we have a Dependencies group in the project tree. If we gain the ability to notify the user when they are out of date, that should go a long way.

The best part about this is we no longer need to perturb the --user Flatpak installation at all.

However, there are some cases we can't currently handle, such as updating runtimes on the host (as our Flatpak cannot get write access to the installation directory). Some work will need to be done there in the future, but there isn't much we can do even today on that.

This should also improve the situation with #1458 (closed) now that we can easily install the runtimes for beta's from flathub-beta.

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