1. 26 Sep, 2015 9 commits
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      hack: delay GtkTextView size-allocate during spurious animation · 9b2817f8
      Christian Hergert authored
      This hack is to delay size-allocate in GtkTextView until after the
      animation sequence has completed. Currently, this hack only works for
      shrinking the animation. Such occurrence happens when the panels
      animate in.
      We don't really need to re-expose the content until after the sequence
      completes. This is potentially invalid for RTL or right-aligned text
      during the sequence, but it is not totally unexpected for that content
      to "snap" into place after a live resize. (See Safari on OS X for an
      example of how they do this with 'inLiveResize').
      It would be much better if we could set if we are in a live resize on
      a GdkWindow so that animation sequences and Drag'n'Resize could be
      propagated to widgets to allow them to "do less work" during the draw
      cycle. GtkTextView might choose to work extra hard to not drop it's
      pixel cache in this case.
      The result here, is that you can animate all three panels in smoothly
      now. (Animating out is still a big jagedy since we don't mitigate that
      yet). Some hardware, of course, may vary.
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      build: make libgnome-builder.la install to private directory · 7a4d422c
      Christian Hergert authored
      In preparation for allowing plugins to get access to introspection data
      for the Builder process, we want to make libgnome-builder.la an installable
      (but private) shared library. We'll place it in the same place as our
      other private libraries ($libdir/gnome-builder).
      This also makes libegg and librg available as a shared library so we can
      more easily link against it from various libraries.