Commit 92d9545b authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert
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snippets: fix template prefix for non-symbol chars

Fixes inserting "#include" template after "#" which is a non-symbol char.
parent 4718ab52
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...@@ -204,11 +204,13 @@ ide_snippet_completion_provider_activate_proposal (IdeCompletionProvider *provid ...@@ -204,11 +204,13 @@ ide_snippet_completion_provider_activate_proposal (IdeCompletionProvider *provid
const GdkEventKey *key) const GdkEventKey *key)
{ {
g_autoptr(IdeSnippet) snippet = NULL; g_autoptr(IdeSnippet) snippet = NULL;
IdeSnippetChunk *chunk;
GtkTextIter begin, end; GtkTextIter begin, end;
GtkSourceLanguage *lang; GtkSourceLanguage *lang;
GtkTextBuffer *buffer; GtkTextBuffer *buffer;
GtkTextView *view; GtkTextView *view;
const gchar *lang_id = NULL; const gchar *lang_id = NULL;
const gchar *text = NULL;
g_assert (IDE_IS_COMPLETION_CONTEXT (context)); g_assert (IDE_IS_COMPLETION_CONTEXT (context));
...@@ -221,11 +223,19 @@ ide_snippet_completion_provider_activate_proposal (IdeCompletionProvider *provid ...@@ -221,11 +223,19 @@ ide_snippet_completion_provider_activate_proposal (IdeCompletionProvider *provid
lang_id = gtk_source_language_get_id (lang); lang_id = gtk_source_language_get_id (lang);
snippet = ide_snippet_completion_item_get_snippet (IDE_SNIPPET_COMPLETION_ITEM (proposal), lang_id); snippet = ide_snippet_completion_item_get_snippet (IDE_SNIPPET_COMPLETION_ITEM (proposal), lang_id);
if ((chunk = ide_snippet_get_nth_chunk (snippet, 0)))
text = ide_snippet_chunk_get_spec (chunk);
gtk_text_buffer_begin_user_action (buffer); gtk_text_buffer_begin_user_action (buffer);
if (ide_completion_context_get_bounds (context, &begin, &end)) if (ide_completion_context_get_bounds (context, &begin, &end))
gtk_text_buffer_delete (buffer, &begin, &end); {
gtk_text_buffer_delete (buffer, &begin, &end);
ide_completion_remove_common_prefix (ide_completion_context_get_completion (context), &begin, text);
ide_source_view_push_snippet (IDE_SOURCE_VIEW (view), snippet, &begin); ide_source_view_push_snippet (IDE_SOURCE_VIEW (view), snippet, &begin);
gtk_text_buffer_end_user_action (buffer); gtk_text_buffer_end_user_action (buffer);
} }
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