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doc: cross-reference installation docs from contributing for jhbuild

We don't want jhbuild stuff duplicated, so just point them at the
installation documentation.
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......@@ -30,28 +30,10 @@ If you wish to start contributing code to Builder, simply pick a bug from this l
Building From Source
One of the first steps to joining a software project is to build the software.
Check out the `GNOME Newcomers Tutorial`_ for how to build software for GNOME.
It includes a guide for how to build Builder, as well as many other GNOME software projects.
Learn out how to install :ref:`via-jhbuild` in our installation documentation.
For the impatient, you can use ``jhbuild`` to simplify the build process.
.. note::
We do not recommend installing jhbuild using your Linux distributions package manager as
it will be out of date.
.. code-block:: sh
git clone git://
cd jhbuild
./ --simple-install
make install
jhbuild sysdeps --install gnome-builder
jhbuild build gnome-builder
jhbuild run gnome-builder
Currently, JHBuild is how we recommend contributing to Builder.
We do expect this to change very soon in that you'll be able to easily contribute to Builder from our flatpak-version of Builder.
Improve This Documentation
......@@ -75,4 +57,3 @@ Helping us do this in Builder will make you a shepard of geeks.
.. _`newcomer bugs`:
.. _`GNOME Newcomers Tutorial`:
.. _`git repository`:
......@@ -49,6 +49,8 @@ You can also use the command line to install Builder.
.. note:: Nightly builds are built with tracing enabled. The tracing is fairly lightweight, but it includes a great deal of more debugging information.
.. _via-jhbuild:
via JHBuild
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