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build: release 3.22.2

parent 9ff58167
Version 3.22.2
Summary of changes since 3.22.1
* Flatpak builds of Builder can now target a Flatpak runtime when building
the project. More work is ongoing to support running your project with
flatpak runtimes.
* Translation improvements
* More RTL improvements
* Lots of memory leak fixes found with ASAN
* Builder will now cleanup the makecache directory for old temporary files
that could have been left behind.
* Flatpak breakout subprocess fixes to allow synchronous use from main
loop. This fixes potential lockups in Flatpak'd versions of Builder.
* The diagnostic engine has been restructured to allow out-of-band
updates to diagnostics.
* Create-project now depends on git, as it uses git to initialize a
new project.
* GObject Introspection improvements.
* Improve performance of diagnostic creation under heavy use. This fixes
a main-loop stall when extracting thousands of diagnostics from a
* Diagnostics panel has been changed to use GtkTreeView to support larger
lists of diagnostics as found in some projects.
* Add empty-state views for symbols and diagnostic panels.
* Sysprof support includes visualizers, zoom, and selectable ranges.
* Ctags can now be used to build symbol trees, including Python
* IdeSubprocessSupervisor has been added to allow plugins to easily
manage an external process.
* A client has been added for "Language Server Protocol" to make writing
language-server based plugins easy.
* Support for the Meson and Cargo build systems have been added.
Run support with Meson will require 0.36.0 of Meson.
* Deprecation fixes for various deprecated gtk+ API.
* Runtimes have been improved to hook into the application build process.
* Vim support has been improved to better support counts to change operations.
* Build and runtime improvements for editorconfig.
* Handle alt+0..n properly during auto-completion.
* Builder now depends on json-glib-1.0. This was already likely required
via dependencies before, but now is explicit.
3.22.2 also includes a technology preview for Rust support. You can try
this out by installing Rust nightly and the “rustls” package for integrated
diagnostics, auto-completion, and sybmol-tree support.
There have also been a bunch of translation updates this cycle. Thanks to all
of our translators since 3.22.1: Dušan Kazik, Aurimas Černius, Balázs Meskó,
Benedikt M. Thoma, ChenYang Li, Kjartan Maraas, Marek Černocký, Mario
Blättermann, Piotr Drąg, Rafael Fontenelle
Version 3.22.1
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ dnl Define Versioning Information
dnl ***********************************************************************
......@@ -182,11 +182,11 @@ AC_SUBST(BUGREPORT_URL)
dnl ***********************************************************************
dnl Check for Required Packages
dnl ***********************************************************************
m4_define([gtk_required_version], [3.21.5])
m4_define([glib_required_version], [2.49.0])
m4_define([gtksourceview_required_version], [3.21.2])
m4_define([gtk_required_version], [3.22.1])
m4_define([glib_required_version], [2.50.0])
m4_define([gtksourceview_required_version], [3.22.0])
m4_define([gobject_introspection_version], [1.48.0])
m4_define([pygobject_required_version], [3.21.0])
m4_define([pygobject_required_version], [3.22.0])
m4_define([libxml_required_version], [2.9.0])
m4_define([pangoft2_required_version], [1.38.0])
m4_define([peas_required_version], [1.18.0])
m4_define(sysprof_required_version, [3.22.1])
m4_define(sysprof_required_version, [3.22.2])
[sysprof-ui-2 >= sysprof_required_version],
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