Verified Commit 700b5fa1 authored by Jordan Petridis's avatar Jordan Petridis 🌱

CI: Push to the ostree repo only from the staging branch

Quick workaround to allow us to move fast, and get the 3.30 release
out of the door. Ideally we would have a separate job that uses
protected branches and gitlabci `only:` conditionals
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......@@ -114,7 +114,10 @@ before_script:
# push the resulting runtimes to
# FIXME: Only push from protected branches
- ostree-releng-scripts/rsync-repos --src repo/ --dest
- |
if [[ ${CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME} == "staging-3-30" ]]; then
ostree-releng-scripts/rsync-repos --src repo/ --dest
# Store all the downloaded git and ostree repos in the distributed cache.
# This saves us fetching them from the different repos and further afield
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