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Create image for pinephone

This MR attempts to bring everything needed to make Gnome-OS produce an image appropriate for mobile phones, specifically the Pinephone.

Note all the code integrated here is directly from upstream; no special branches or extensions have been integrated

While GNOME OS is very much a Desktop operating system for the time being, this work will facilitate efforts to make GNOME easier to use on handsets and small devices, by making it easy to test those changes on QEMU and actual hardware (Pinephone).

  1. what works/is included? WiFi, calls app, feedbackd, iputils, atinout, iw, usb utils, eg25-manager.
  2. what doesn't work? Currently no Bluetooth.
  3. Wiki for How to boot image to pinephone

We also wrote a small write up of the work done here:

MR for GNOME 43 branch here: !1731 (merged)

Fixes #338 (closed)

Edited by Javier Jardón

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