Commit b9e95bf3 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

The last straggler

clocks 3.38.0 is in.
parent fe0224ec
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kind: meson
- kind: tar
url: gnome_downloads:gnome-clocks/3.37/gnome-clocks-3.37.91.tar.xz
ref: 34de824b3fee68c5554b6904b02bcdc7e4b921f9a8e91a780f43e2898dbfb36c
url: gnome_downloads:gnome-clocks/3.38/gnome-clocks-3.38.0.tar.xz
ref: d956cb050f1ca46b443519e4f59ab204290d6270dec91c74b53895aecc794438
- freedesktop-sdk.bst:public-stacks/buildsystem-meson.bst
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