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Tweaked README, AUTHORS and About dialog

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Dylan McCall <>
GNOME Break Timer was designed and implemented by
Dylan McCall <>
Allan Day
The gnome-break-timer icon is based on the gnome-clocks icon, from <>.
gnome-break-timer 1.0
* First release
GNOME Break Timer
Copyright 2011, Dylan McCall and GNOME Break Timer contributors.
Break Timer
A break timer application for GNOME.
GNOME Break Timer keeps track of your computer use and provides a gentle
reminder to take regular breaks. This is great for anyone concerned about the
mental or physical issues associated with heavy computer use. GNOME Break
Timer aims to be effective over a long time, so it is assertive as possible
without being irritating. It avoids threatening people with negative things
like permanent usage statistics, but it provides incentives to be healthy
which fit the moment at hand.
This helps you to schedule regular breaks. It will remind you to take them
based on how much you are using the computer. It tries hard to be simple but
helpful, using notifications to gently indicate when a break has arrived while
keeping out of the way for activities like games and videos.
/* This is a hand-written vapi file containing constants from config.h that
* should exposed to the Vala program */
* should be exposed to the Vala program */
[CCode (cprefix = "", lower_case_cprefix = "", cheader_filename = "config.h")]
namespace Config {
public const string GETTEXT_PACKAGE;
public const string PACKAGE_NAME;
public const string PACKAGE_VERSION;
public const string PACKAGE_URL;
public const string VERSION;
public const string HELPER_DESKTOP_ID;
public const string SETTINGS_DESKTOP_ID;
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ AC_INIT([gnome-break-timer],
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([1.11 no-dist-gzip dist-xz foreign])
......@@ -152,13 +152,19 @@ public class MainWindow : Gtk.ApplicationWindow {
public void show_about_dialog () {
const string copyright = "Copyright © 2011-2013 Dylan McCall";
Gtk.show_about_dialog (this,
"program-name", _("GNOME Break Timer"),
"logo-icon-name", "gnome-break-timer",
"version", Config.VERSION,
"comments", _("Computer break reminders for active minds"),
"copyright", _("Copyright © Dylan McCall"),
"website", "",
"website-label", _("GNOME Break Timer Website")
"website", Config.PACKAGE_URL,
"website-label", _("GNOME Break Timer Website"),
"copyright", copyright,
"license-type", Gtk.License.GPL_3_0,
"wrap-license", false,
"translator-credits", _("translator-credits")
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