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help: Remove clipboard page

Remove clipboard page and update interface page as this setting is gone and the
clipboard is now always shared.

Ref: #611
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<page xmlns=""
type="topic" style="task"
<revision pkgversion="3.14" date="2014-09-13" status="review"/>
<revision pkgversion="3.24.0" date="2017-05-02" status="review"/>
<link type="guide" xref="index#use"/>
<credit type="author copyright">
<name>Michael Hill</name>
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<desc>Use the clipboard with <app>Boxes</app>.</desc>
<title>Share the clipboard</title>
<p>The clipboard of the host machine can be shared with the guest in
<item><p>Right-click on the box in the collection view and select
<gui>Properties</gui>, or if the box is running, click the menu
(<media its:translate="no" type="image" src="figures/open-menu-symbolic.svg"><span its:translate="yes">settings</span></media>)
button in the header bar and select <gui>Properties</gui>.</p></item>
<item><p>On the <gui>General</gui> tab, switch <gui>Share clipboard</gui>
to <gui>ON</gui>.</p></item>
<note style="important">
<p>While express installation typically takes care of making shared
clipboard available to you, express installation is not available for all
operating systems. In such cases or if you choose manual installation,
for shared clipboard to work the SPICE vdagent needs to be installed
in the guest. In most Linux-based operating systems the package is
called <em>spice-vdagent</em>. If the guest is running a different
operating system, check out the
<link href="">SPICE download page</link>.
......@@ -87,9 +87,7 @@
<item><p><gui>General</gui>: displays the box <gui>Name</gui> and
<gui>Broker</gui> or virtualizer being used (such as <em>QEMU</em>). For a
remote box, this tab also displays the <gui>Protocol</gui> (such as
<em>VNC</em>), and the <gui>URL</gui> to be used for remote access. When
the box is running, the <gui>Share Clipboard</gui> switch appears
<em>VNC</em>), and the <gui>URL</gui> to be used for remote access.</p></item>
<item><p><gui>System</gui> settings: shows running graphs of CPU, disk I/O
and network activity. <gui>Memory</gui> and <gui>Maximum Disk Size</gui>
sliders can be adjusted, and the <gui>Troubleshooting Log</gui> can be
help_files = [
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