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Release 3.7.3

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3.7.3 - Dec 17, 2012
Apart from the user-visible changes listed below, this is the first release
that makes use of new automated installation API of libosinfo.
- More robust VM naming for unknown media.
- Ensure media presented in wizard are actually available.
- Provide visual indication of boxes being saved.
- The 'pause' button should only be enabled if any of the selected
machines support saving and is not already in saved state.
- Don't lose tracking of installation if user quits Boxes during installation.
- Exit to collection view if the VM goes to a non-running state
- Exit to collection view on display disconnect only for current item.
- Don't crash when running Boxes while it's already running.
- Make it actually possible to pause VMs under installation.
- Add support for changing the CD-ROM device/ISO from properties.
- Add troubleshooting log viewer to system properties.
- Add usbredir on/off status to configure output.
- Remove 'Simple' from the generic name so Boxes doesn't show in gnome-shell's
search result when searching for this term.
- Automatically download & install pre-installation drivers libosinfo knows
about (currently only virtio storage driver). This makes manual download of
win-tools ISO redudant.
- Added/updated translations:
- Assamese
- Kannada
- Tamil
- Galician
- Some other functional and non-functional improvements and fixes.
Dependencies changed:
- libosinfo >= 0.2.2
- glib-2.0 >= 2.32
- valac >= 0.17.3 (build-time only)
All contributors to this release:
Aleksander Morgado <>
Alexander Larsson <>
Christophe Fergeau <>
Dr.T.Vasudevan <>
Fabiano Fidêncio <>
Fran Diéguez <>
Nilamdyuti Goswami <>
Piotr Drąg <>
Shankar Prasad <>
Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) <>
3.7.2 - Nov 19, 2012
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