Commit bca2c562 authored by Felipe Borges's avatar Felipe Borges
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portals: Add singleton to talk to xdg-desktop-portals

This is useful for us to center the xdg-desktop-portals handling in
a single place.
parent a9d8e464
......@@ -78,6 +78,7 @@ vala_sources = [
// This file is part of GNOME Boxes. License: LGPLv2+
namespace org.freedesktop.portal {
[DBus(name = "org.freedesktop.portal.Request")]
public interface Request : GLib.Object {
[DBus(name = "Close")]
public abstract void close () throws DBusError, IOError;
[DBus(name = "Response")]
public signal void response (uint response, GLib.HashTable<string, GLib.Variant> results);
[DBus(name = "org.freedesktop.portal.Background")]
public interface Background : GLib.Object {
[DBus(name = "RequestBackground")]
public abstract GLib.ObjectPath request_background (string parent_window, GLib.HashTable<string, GLib.Variant> options) throws DBusError, IOError;
private class Boxes.Portals : GLib.Object {
private static Portals portals;
public static Portals get_default () {
if (portals == null)
portals = new Portals ();
return portals;
private const string BUS_NAME = "org.freedesktop.portal.Desktop";
private const string OBJECT_PATH = "/org/freedesktop/portal/desktop";
public delegate void PortalRequestCallback (uint response, GLib.HashTable<string, GLib.Variant>? results = null);
private GLib.DBusConnection bus;
public async void request_to_run_in_background (owned PortalRequestCallback? callback = null) {
try {
debug ("Requesting to run in background");
if (bus == null)
bus = yield Bus.get(BusType.SESSION);
var background = yield bus.get_proxy<org.freedesktop.portal.Background>(BUS_NAME, OBJECT_PATH);
var options = new GLib.HashTable<string, GLib.Variant>(str_hash, str_equal);
options.insert ("reason", new GLib.Variant ("s", _("Boxes wants to run VM in background")));
var handle = background.request_background (Config.APPLICATION_ID, options);
var request = yield bus.get_proxy<org.freedesktop.portal.Request>(BUS_NAME, handle);
request.response.connect ((response, results) => {
debug ("Received request response from portal");
callback (response, null);
} catch (GLib.Error error) {
warning ("Failed to request to run in background: %s", error.message);
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