Commit 0644b657 authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera
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settings: Re-add special device special-cases

The autopair plugin isn't used for remote-initiated pairings,
like a mouse trying to reconnect to the device it connected
to before.
parent e166cc4c
......@@ -61,6 +61,23 @@
<device oui="00:1E:3D:" name="BD Remote Control" pin="NULL"/>
<device oui="00:06:F5:" name="BD Remote Control" pin="NULL"/>
<!-- Apple Wireless and Mighty Mouse
Note: Apple doesn't follow the specs, and requires their mice
to be paired -->
<device oui="00:0A:95:" type="mouse" pin="0000"/>
<device oui="00:14:51:" type="mouse" pin="0000"/>
<device oui="34:15:9E:" type="mouse" pin="0000"/>
<!-- Apple Magic Trackpad
Note: same as above, tablet needs to be paired -->
<device oui="D8:A2:5E:" type="tablet" pin="0000"/>
<device oui="28:37:37:" type="tablet" pin="0000"/>
<device oui="C8:BC:C8:" type="tablet" pin="0000"/>
<!-- MS Sculpt Touch Mouse
Again, same as above -->
<device oui="7C:1E:52:" type="mouse" name="Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse" pin="0000"/>
<!-- BT-GPS8 JENTRO, GPS mouse -->
<device oui="00:0D:B5:" name="BT-GPS8 JENTRO" pin="0000"/>
......@@ -149,6 +166,14 @@
<!-- Generic types -->
<!-- Printers -->
<device type="printer" pin="0000"/>
<!-- Headphones and headsets -->
<device type="headphones" pin="0000"/>
<device type="headset" pin="0000"/>
<device type="audio" pin="0000"/>
<!-- Keyboard need a special help text -->
<device type="keyboard" pin="KEYBOARD"/>
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