Commit c0cce11e authored by Christian Kellner's avatar Christian Kellner Committed by Christian Kellner
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integration-test: check 'Unknown' for missing vals

If the corresponding sys devices/entries are missing we should
still get 'Unknown' in the fields, but the fields should be
parent 1d638f6b
......@@ -190,6 +190,28 @@ class Tests(unittest.TestCase):
return ac, b0
def test_basic(self):
'''Basic system information (model, bios, etc)
In the first run we ensure that we get 'Unknown' for all
fields that we haven't set in /sys, then we fill them for them
second run and check we get the right values
log = self.gbb("info", ["--json"])
out = json.loads(log)
self.assertIn('hardware', out)
hw = out['hardware']
for key in ['vendor', 'version', 'name']:
self.assertEqual(hw[key], 'Unknown')
self.assertIn('bios', hw)
bios = hw['bios']
for key in ['vendor', 'version', 'date']:
self.assertEqual(bios[key], 'Unknown')
self.assertIn('batteries', hw)
self.assertEqual(len(hw['batteries']), 0)
# now with devices in /sys/
vendor = ''
model = 'B1'
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