Commit 886d4d8f authored by Christian Kellner's avatar Christian Kellner
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Try to trigger an fsync when writing the log file

We pre-create the logfile in order to trigger an fsync in the
g_file_set_contents call, which will do that on an atomic replace
but not for new files.
parent fdbf7a32
......@@ -428,7 +428,16 @@ gbb_test_run_write_to_file(GbbTestRun *run,
json_generator_set_pretty(generator, TRUE);
json_generator_set_root(generator, root);
gboolean success = json_generator_to_file (generator, filename, error);
/* Small hack to force a fsync() on the file: pre-create the file
* with non-zero content which will make g_file_set_contents()
* call fsync() since this is now an atomic replace. We don't
* really care this first g_file_set_contents fails.
g_file_set_contents(filename, "gnome-battery-bench", 20, NULL);
gsize len;
gchar *buffer = json_generator_to_data (generator, &len);
gboolean success = g_file_set_contents(filename, buffer, len, error);
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