Commit 71e9f1a6 authored by Owen W. Taylor's avatar Owen W. Taylor
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Show more precision for displays of power

Showing only one digit when displaying average power makes it hard
to see some significant differences - the effect of a settings change
might be 100mW or less.
parent 85e732db
......@@ -179,12 +179,12 @@ update_labels(GbbApplication *application)
if (overall_statistics && overall_statistics->power >= 0)
set_label(application, "power-average", "%.1fW", overall_statistics->power);
set_label(application, "power-average", "%.2fW", overall_statistics->power);
clear_label(application, "power-average");
if (interval_statistics && interval_statistics->power >= 0) {
set_label(application, "power-instant", "%.1fW", interval_statistics->power);
set_label(application, "power-instant", "%.2fW", interval_statistics->power);
} else {
clear_label(application, "power-instant");
......@@ -614,12 +614,12 @@ fill_log_from_run(GbbApplication *application,
if (last_state != start_state) {
GbbPowerStatistics *statistics = gbb_power_statistics_compute(start_state, last_state);
if (statistics->power >= 0)
set_label(application, "power-average-log", "%.1fW", statistics->power);
set_label(application, "power-average-log", "%.2fW", statistics->power);
clear_label(application, "power-average-log");
if (last_state->energy_full >= 0)
set_label(application, "energy-full-log", "%.1fWH", last_state->energy_full);
set_label(application, "energy-full-log", "%.2fW", last_state->energy_full);
clear_label(application, "energy-full-log");
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