Commit 8109c368 authored by Ondrej Holy's avatar Ondrej Holy
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extractor: Do not allow symlink in parents

Currently, it is still possible that some files are extracted outside of
the destination dir in case of malicious archives. The checks from commit
adb067e6 can be still bypassed in certain cases. See file-roller#108
for more details. After some investigation, I am convinced that it would be
best to	simply disallow symlinks in parents. For example, `tar` fails to
extract such files with the `ENOTDIR` error. Let's do the same here.

Fixes: #12
parent c678fcd2
......@@ -921,27 +921,42 @@ autoar_extractor_do_sanitize_pathname (AutoarExtractor *self,
return extracted_filename;
static gboolean
autoar_extractor_check_file_conflict (GFile *file,
/* The function checks @file for conflicts with already existing files on the
* disk. It also recursively checks parents of @file to be sure it is directory.
* It doesn't follow symlinks, so symlinks in parents are also considered as
* conflicts even though they point to directory. It returns #GFile object for
* the file, which cause the conflict (so @file, or some of its parents). If
* there aren't any conflicts, NULL is returned.
static GFile *
autoar_extractor_check_file_conflict (AutoarExtractor *self,
GFile *file,
mode_t extracted_filetype)
GFileType file_type;
g_autoptr (GFile) parent = NULL;
file_type = g_file_query_file_type (file,
/* If there is no file with the given name, there will be no conflict */
if (file_type == G_FILE_TYPE_UNKNOWN) {
return FALSE;
/* It is a conflict if the file already exists with an exception for already
* existing directories.
if (file_type != G_FILE_TYPE_UNKNOWN &&
(file_type != G_FILE_TYPE_DIRECTORY ||
extracted_filetype != AE_IFDIR)) {
return g_object_ref (file);
/* It is not problem if the directory already exists */
if (file_type == G_FILE_TYPE_DIRECTORY &&
extracted_filetype == AE_IFDIR) {
return FALSE;
if ((self->new_prefix && g_file_equal (self->new_prefix, file)) ||
(!self->new_prefix && g_file_equal (self->destination_dir, file))) {
return NULL;
return TRUE;
/* Check also parents for conflict to be sure it is directory. */
parent = g_file_get_parent (file);
return autoar_extractor_check_file_conflict (self, parent, AE_IFDIR);
static void
......@@ -1864,7 +1879,7 @@ autoar_extractor_step_extract (AutoarExtractor *self) {
g_autoptr (GFile) extracted_filename = NULL;
g_autoptr (GFile) hardlink_filename = NULL;
AutoarConflictAction action;
gboolean file_conflict;
g_autoptr (GFile) file_conflict = NULL;
if (g_cancellable_is_cancelled (self->cancellable)) {
archive_read_free (a);
......@@ -1883,11 +1898,27 @@ autoar_extractor_step_extract (AutoarExtractor *self) {
/* Attempt to solve any name conflict before doing any operations */
file_conflict = autoar_extractor_check_file_conflict (extracted_filename,
file_conflict = autoar_extractor_check_file_conflict (self,
archive_entry_filetype (entry));
while (file_conflict) {
GFile *new_extracted_filename = NULL;
/* Do not try to solve any conflicts in parents for now. Especially
* symlinks in parents are dangerous as it can easily happen that files
* are written outside of the destination. The tar cmd fails to extract
* such archives with ENOTDIR. Let's do the same here. This is most
* probably malicious, or corrupted archive if the conflict was caused
* only by files from the archive...
if (!g_file_equal (file_conflict, extracted_filename)) {
self->error = g_error_new (G_IO_ERROR,
"The file is not a directory");
archive_read_free (a);
action = autoar_extractor_signal_conflict (self,
......@@ -1923,7 +1954,9 @@ autoar_extractor_step_extract (AutoarExtractor *self) {
file_conflict = autoar_extractor_check_file_conflict (extracted_filename,
g_clear_object (&file_conflict);
file_conflict = autoar_extractor_check_file_conflict (self,
archive_entry_filetype (entry));
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