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    org.gnome.Software: Build appstream-glib without rpm · 46878fb1
    Mathieu Bridon authored
    Back in 5dddf134 I moved the build of
    appstream-glib from the Autotools to Meson, trying to keep the same
    explicit and default build options.
    That means I set -Dbuilder=false and -Drpm=true, among other things.
    One thing I didn't notice at the time is that -Dbuilder=false implied
    -Drpm=false as well. As a result appstream-glib would build just fine,
    even when the RPM libraries weren't present in the Sdk.
    However, nowadays appstream-glib doesn't build any more in that specific
    combination: https://github.com/hughsie/appstream-glib/pull/294
    Since the rpm support always ended disabled anyway, let's explicitly
    disable the option.