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Prepare 3.32.0.

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GNOME 2048 3.32.0 2019-03-11
New stable release! Since the last one, the game has been made really
more responsive, the Preferences dialog is removed, and a 3 by 3 game
is proposed; you can also now play with gestures, and with WASD keys.
Since last unstable release, an unfullscreen button was added (as the
application was not prepared at all until now to fullscreen), and the
first launch of the app immediatly starts on a new game for more fun.
Translations updated:
Danish: Ask Hjorth Larsen
Dutch: Nathan Follens
German: Tim Sabsch
Spanish: Daniel Mustieles
GNOME 2048 3.31.91 2019-02-19
'gnome-2048', ['vala', 'c'],
version: '3.31.91',
version: '3.32.0',
license: 'GPLv3+',
meson_version: '>= 0.37.1',
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