1. 12 Apr, 2010 5 commits
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      Fix glade loading. · 395a2420
      Murray Cumming authored
      * glom/glade_utils.h: get_glade_widget_derived_with_warning(): Fix silly
      but fatal typo.
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      Simplify setting of the icon for windows. · 49221aeb
      Murray Cumming authored
      * glom/glade_utils.h: get_glade_widget_derived_with_warning():
      Call set_icon_name() on windows.
      * Several *.cc files: Don't bother calling set_icon_name() after calling
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      Slight AX_BOOST_PYTHON_MURRAYC() cleanup. · 1ece63f5
      Murray Cumming authored
      * macros/ax_boost_python_murrayc.m4: Add necessary quotes, avoid ==,
          and use AC_LANG_PUSH/AC_LANG_POP instead of deprecated
          AC_LANG_SAVE/AC_LANG_CPLUSPLUS/AC_LANG_RESTORE. Noticed by Daniel Elstner,
          though we don't know if this solves any known problems yet.
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      Provide context for translations. · 7555d447
      Murray Cumming authored
      	* glom/application.cc:
      	* glom/frame_glom.cc:
      	* glom/mode_design/users/dialog_users_list.cc: Use the new (in glib 2.16)
          C_() macro to provide context for bare uses of "User" and "Developer",
          providing some explanation and allowing translators to use translate them
          differently, as may be required by some languages.
          Fixes bug #606931 (Urmas, André Klapper)
  2. 11 Apr, 2010 2 commits
  3. 10 Apr, 2010 10 commits
  4. 09 Apr, 2010 8 commits
  5. 08 Apr, 2010 9 commits
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      Use buttonbox for details view. · 1629b976
      Daniel Borgmann authored
      * glom/mode_data/box_data_details.cc:
      * glom/mode_data/box_data_details.h:
      Use HButtonBox instead of HBox.
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      Use button box for adddel widgets. · d18d8575
      Daniel Borgmann authored
      * glom/utility_widgets/adddel/adddel_withbuttons.cc:
      * glom/utility_widgets/adddel/adddel_withbuttons.h:
      * glom/utility_widgets/db_adddel/db_adddel_withbuttons.cc:
      * glom/utility_widgets/db_adddel/db_adddel_withbuttons.h:
      Use ButtonBox instead of HBox.
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      Use button box for listview buttons. · b7bd0981
      Daniel Borgmann authored
      * glom/utility_widgets/db_adddel/db_adddel_withbuttons.cc:
      * glom/utility_widgets/db_adddel/db_adddel_withbuttons.h:
      Use ButtonBox instead of HBox to make buttons homogenous. Also change
      button order to match order used everywhere else (Add/Delete/Open).
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      Update POTFILES.in · 50efc99c
      Murray Cumming authored
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      ImageGlom: Move scale_keeping_ratio() somewhere more sensible. · eefed4f2
      Murray Cumming authored
      * glom/utility_widgets/imageglom.[h|cc]: Move scale_keeping_ratio() to
      glom/utils_ui.[h]cc] as Utils::image_scale_keeping_ratio().
      * glom/utility_widgets/canvas/canvas_image_movable.cc:
      * glom/utility_widgets/db_adddel/db_adddel.cc:
      * glom/utility_widgets/flowtable_dnd.cc: Adapted.
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      glom/mode_data/datawidget/: Clean up classes, putting them in a namespace. · 2c40be36
      Murray Cumming authored
        * glom/mode_data/datawidget/: Removed Glom suffixes from class names
        and filenames, and put classes in a DataWidgetChildren sub-namespace,
        to make it clearer where we occasionally use these outside of DataWidget.
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      Cleaned glom/utility_widgets/ a little. · a2bc6865
      Murray Cumming authored
        * glom/utility_widgets/datawidget.[h|cc]: Moved to glom/mode_data/datawidget/
        because it is only used by the data-mode flowtable.
      	* glom/utility_widgets/buttonglom.[h|cc]
      	* glom/utility_widgets/checkglom.[h|cc]
      	* glom/utility_widgets/combo_as_radio_buttons.[h|cc]
      	* glom/utility_widgets/combochoices.[h|cc]
      	* glom/utility_widgets/combochoiceswithtreemodel.[h|cc]
      	* glom/utility_widgets/comboentryglom.c[h|cc]
      	* glom/utility_widgets/comboglom.[h|cc]
      	* glom/utility_widgets/dialog_choose_date.[h|cc]
      	* glom/utility_widgets/dialog_choose_id.[h|cc]
      	* glom/utility_widgets/entryglom.[h|cc]
      	* glom/utility_widgets/labelglom.[h|cc]
      	* glom/utility_widgets/textviewglom.[h|cc]
      	* glom/utility_widgets/placeholder-glom.[h|cc]: Also move these to
        glom/mode_data/datawidget because they are only used by DataWidget.
      	* glom/utility_widgets/alignment_justified.[h|cc]:
      	* glom/utility_widgets/table_columns.[h|cc]: Deleted these unused classes.
        * Makefile_glom.am: Adapted.
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      Text and Image object Dialog adjustments. · 330a5775
      Daniel Borgmann authored
      * glom/glom_developer.glade: Various dialog layout fixes.
      * glom/mode_design/layout/layout_item_dialogs/dialog_imageobject.cc:
      * glom/mode_design/layout/layout_item_dialogs/dialog_imageobject.h:
      * glom/mode_design/layout/layout_item_dialogs/dialog_textobject.cc:
      * glom/mode_design/layout/layout_item_dialogs/dialog_textobject.h:
      Update box variable name and add window icons.
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      Update copyright information in about dialog · 72d4a20e
      David King authored
      * glom/application.cc: Update copyright year in about dialog.
  6. 07 Apr, 2010 3 commits
  7. 06 Apr, 2010 3 commits