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      Glade files: Now all windows have a 12 pixel border as per the HIG. · de465b24
      Murray Cumming authored
      * For GtkWindows, set the border-width to 12, unless it needs a
        menu, in which case the window should have 0 border-width,
        and an inner GtkBox, a sub-GtkBox and GtkButtonBox should have
        a border width of 6, allowing the menu to fit snugly into the window edge.
        Using just a border-width of 12 on both the GtkBox and the
        GtkButtonBox would leave 24 pixels between them.
      * For GtkDialog, set the border-width to 6 and give the GtkBox in
        the content area another border-width of 6, because the
        GtkButtonBox in the action area seems to have this already too.
        I do not know why GtkDialogs do not just have a border-width of
        12, and a VBox spacing of 12.
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      Glade files: Replace GtkTable with GtkGrid · a23564a6
      Murray Cumming authored
      * ui/developer/*.glade:
      * ui/operator/*.glade: Change all GtkTable types to GtkGrid.
        Child items that should expand then have an hexpand=True in the
        <child> part instead of x_options=GTK_FILL in the <packing> part.
        The packing should also contain (and only contain) left_attach,
        width, top_attach, and height.
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      Split up the developer .glade files into separate files. · a90ce4ab
      Murray Cumming authored
      * ui/developer/:
      * glom/glade_utils.h: get_glade_widget_derived_with_warning(): Guess the
      filename based on the requested ID, for developer UI as we already did
      for operator UI.
        This makes it possible to edit these in recent versions of Glade, without
        Glade silently renaming IDs to make them unique across the whole file.
        * po/POTFILES.in:
        * Makefile.am: Mention the new files.