1. 25 Sep, 2013 1 commit
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      Move to a generated (in dist) ChangeLog · 76ead2b7
      Murray Cumming authored
      I still do not like not being able to correct the commit messages
      and I still do not like how it leads us to be lazy when writing
      the ChangeLog entries, but git still makes it hard to manage
      branches when using a manually-written ChangeLog.
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      Startup: Do not crash when reporting check problems. · 5424fc9a
      Murray Cumming authored
      * glom/main.c: Instantiate the Application earlier, to ensure
        that GTK+ is ready for use.
        Also call gtk_init() explicitly because Gtk::Application needs
        a fix for this anyway, and it would be nice to use this fix
        in Glom versions that do not need a newer gtkmm.
        Bug #680411 (Bjørn Lie, Dominique Leuenberger)
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      Startup: Show check errors on stderr · 5cff5696
      Murray Cumming authored
      In case the UI is crashing at first use somehow, as it currently seems to
      be on Fedora.
  4. 16 Sep, 2013 1 commit
  5. 12 Sep, 2013 5 commits
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      Avoid the glib warning about adding interfaces after class initialization. · 33fe710d
      Murray Cumming authored
      * glom/mode_data/datawidget/treemodel_db.h: Change the order of
        the base classes, to list the interface before Glib::Object,
        because the previous order is now deprecated in glibmm/gtkmm,
        because glib deprecated this.
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      Remove use of Gtk::RecentAction. · 750cd1cb
      Murray Cumming authored
      * glom/appwindow.cc:
      * glom/bakery/appwindow_withdoc_gtk.[h|cc]:
        Remove use of GtkRecentAction, and therefore remove the
        recent files menu. GtkRecentAction has been deprecated
        without a replacement, and their has been some suggestion
        that this is a good thing:
        TODO: Link to gtk-devel-list mail.
        This does not remove the custom recent files list in our
        initial dialog.
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      Fix the build (and tests) with Python 3 · 6fd32021
      Murray Cumming authored
      * configure.ac: Added some hints in comments.
      * glom/libglom/python_embed/pygdavalue_conversions.cc:
        Do not use PyInt_Check if building with python 3,
        because python 3 does not seem to have integer types.
        Use PyUnicode_Check() instead of PyString_Check().
        This seems to be appropriate for python 2 too.
      * glom/main.cc: Do not call PySys_SetArgv() if building
        with python 3 because we would need to massage the
        arguments into wchar*, and we do not know why we call
        it anyway.
      * glom/python_embed/glom_python.cc: Do not call
        Py_FlushLine() if building with python 3, because it
        does not exist in python 3 and is apparently
      * glom/test_pyembed.cc: USe PyUnicode_Check() instead
        of PyString_Check(). See above.
        Again, do not call Py_FlushLine() with python 3.
      * glom/test_pyembed_singleline.cc: Do not call
        PyFlushLine() with python 3.
      To build for Python 3, you'll need to do something like this:
      export PYTHON=python3.3
        (do this before starting jhbuild, if you are using jhbuild).
      configure --with-boost-python=boost_python-mt-py33
        (or autogen.sh if building from git.)
      You will need to have built pygobject with Python3 support.
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      Python: Rewrite get_traceback() using Boost::Python instead of C. · 3d04eaa0
      Murray Cumming authored
      * glom/python_embed/glom_python.cc: get_traceback():
        Use Boost::Python to get the traceback. This code seems more
        robust, and might be more portable across Python 2 and Python 3.
    • Matej Urbančič's avatar
      Updated Slovenian translation · b7b157e2
      Matej Urbančič authored
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      Updated Hungarian translation · 84c36c19
      Balázs Úr authored
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      Add an appdata.xml file. · bb6de869
      Murray Cumming authored
      * glom.appdata.xml.in: Add the file.
      * configure.ac: Create glom.appdata.xml from the .in file.
        This lets us translate it.
      * po/POTFILES.in: Mention the file so its contents can
        be translated.
      * Makefile.am: Install the file next to the .desktop file.
      This is needed by the new GNOME Software Center.
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