Unverified Commit e496d308 authored by Murray Cumming's avatar Murray Cumming
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tests: document_load_and_change: Use the correct table name.

This bad test was revealed by the correction to return EXIT_SUCCESS,
instead of false, from main().
parent 34d506f7
......@@ -143,13 +143,13 @@ int main()
const Glib::ustring relationship_name_new = "newrelationshipname";
relationship_name_original, relationship_name_new);
if(document->get_relationship(table_name, relationship_name_original))
if(document->get_relationship(table_name_invoices, relationship_name_original))
std::cerr << G_STRFUNC << ": Failure: The original relationship name still exists.\n";
if(!document->get_relationship(table_name, relationship_name_new))
if(!document->get_relationship(table_name_invoices, relationship_name_new))
std::cerr << G_STRFUNC << ": Failure: The new relationship name does not exist.\n";
......@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@ int main()
//Check that the old relationship name is not used.
auto field_on_layout =
get_field_on_layout(document, table_name, "contacts", "name_full");
get_field_on_layout(document, table_name_invoices, "contacts", "name_full");
if(field_on_layout->get_relationship_name() != relationship_name_new)
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