Unverified Commit d0d3027c authored by Murray Cumming's avatar Murray Cumming
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Build: Use gtksourceviewmm-4.0 instead of gtksourceviewmm-3.0

parent 3b9866dc
......@@ -178,7 +178,7 @@ AS_IF([test "x$glom_enable_client_only" != xyes && test "x$glom_host_win32" != x
# Do not require gtksourceviewmm in client only mode
AS_IF([test "x$glom_enable_client_only" != xyes],
[REQUIRED_GLOM_LIBS="$REQUIRED_GLOM_LIBS gtksourceviewmm-3.0 >= 3.18.0"])
[REQUIRED_GLOM_LIBS="$REQUIRED_GLOM_LIBS gtksourceviewmm-4.0 >= 3.18.0"])
AS_IF([test "x$glom_enable_sqlite" = xyes],
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