Commit 76ead2b7 authored by Murray Cumming's avatar Murray Cumming
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Move to a generated (in dist) ChangeLog

I still do not like not being able to correct the commit messages
and I still do not like how it leads us to be lazy when writing
the ChangeLog entries, but git still makes it hard to manage
branches when using a manually-written ChangeLog.
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......@@ -313,6 +313,11 @@ endif
install-update-mime-database uninstall-update-mime-database \
# Optional: auto-generate the ChangeLog file from the git log on make dist
# is added by mm-common-prepare in
include $(top_srcdir)/
# Instruct GNU make to delete the targets of a rule after it failed, in
# order to avoid the complication of handling that situation manually.
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