Commit 3b9866dc authored by Murray Cumming's avatar Murray Cumming

Build: Really require python 3

so the advice from AX_PYTHON_DEVEL() to set PYTHON_VERSION
is useless, because that would be overridden.
So this also corrects the helpful comment in,
to instead advise people to set PYTHON.
parent 118563d2
......@@ -234,12 +234,15 @@ AC_CHECK_FUNCS([strptime])
# Get the path to python, to define pyexecdir,
# so we can use pyexec_LTLIBRARIES in the .am files:
# (This sets PYTHON_VERSION, used by AX_PYTHON_DEVEL later.)
# To specify a particular python version you must pass PYTHON.
# For instance, ./configure PYTHON=python3.4 --prefix=/opt/gnome
# Get the compiler and linker flags for embedding Python.
# To specify a particular python version you must pass PYTHON_VERSION.
# For instance, ./configure PYTHON_VERSION="3.4" --prefix=/opt/gnome
# This uses the PYTHON_VERSION set by AM_PATH_PYTHON above.
# See
AX_PYTHON_DEVEL([>= '3.0.0'])
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