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    Use toolpallete and about icons from a GResource instead of installing. · f79223fa
    Murray Cumming authored
    * Makefile.am:
    * Makefile_glom.am: Put the ToolPalette and AboutDialog icons in
      a GResource instead of installing them. Some icons still need
      to be installed as icons for the application and the mime type.
    * icons/16x16/*.png: Move the toolpalette icons to icons/ as these
      were the only size ever used anyway.
    * glom/utils_ui.cc: get_icon_path(): Make this return the resource
      path instead of a file path.
    * glom/appwindow.cc: Load the about dialog icon from a resource
      instead of the filesystem.
    * glom/mode_design/print_layotus/print_layout_toolbar_button.cc:
    * glom/utility_widgets/layouttoolbarbutton.cc: Constructor:
      Load the icon from a resource instead of from the filesystem.
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