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    Image fields: Support PDF (and other types supported by evince) · f62ccd27
    Murray Cumming authored
    * configure.ac: Depend on evince-view-3.0, which is a library installed by
    evince. It is packaged separately from evince by distros.
    * glom/main.cc: Call ev_init().
    * glom/utility_widgets/dialog_image_load_progress.[h|cc]: Remove
    get_pixbuf() and do not use Gdk::PixbufLoader here.
    * glom/utility_widgets/imageglom.[h|cc]: Create the pixbuf here, from
    the data from the dialog.
    Add an EvView, and use that instead of the Gtk::Image when the mime type is
    supported by EvView. We use g_content_type_guess() to sniff the mime type
    from the actual data, but this will probably not always work. We should
    store the mime type (and the filename) too.
    The context menu doesn't work with the EvView yet.
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