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    Image fields: Add Open, Open With, and Save context menu items. · d47124d7
    Murray Cumming authored
    * glom/utility_widgets/dialog_image_save_progress.[h|cc]:
    * ui/operator/dialog_image_save_progress.glade:
    Added a progress dialog to do image saving, though it does not yet do
    async saving so the dialog is never shown.
    * Makefile.am:
    * Makefile_glom.am:
    * po/POTFILES.in: Mention the new files.
      * glom/utility_widgets/imageglom.[h|cc]: Add the new context menu items,
      using a temporary file for the Open and Open With features.
      Open With uses AppChooserDialog to offer a choice to the user.
      Bug #630057
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