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    Added new image type, for arbitrary images on layouts and reports. · a707d52d
    Murray Cumming authored
    2006-03-21  Murray Cumming  <murrayc@murrayc.com>
            * po/POTFILES.in:
            * glom/data_structure/layout/Makefile.am:
            * glom/data_structure/layout/layoutitem_image.cc:
            * glom/data_structure/layout/layoutitem_image.h:
            Added new image type, for arbitrary images on
            layouts and reports.
            * glom/base_db.cc:
            * glom/base_db.h: Added build_records_imageobject() and
            offer_imageobject(). Handle image fields in
            * glom/glom.glade:
            * glom/mode_data/dialog_layout_details.cc:
            * glom/mode_data/dialog_layout_details.h: Added Add Image
            button and handled it.
            * glom/document/document_glom.cc:
            * glom/document/document_glom.h: Load/Save the new layout
            * glom/layout_item_dialogs/Makefile.am:
            * glom/layout_item_dialogs/dialog_imageobject.cc:
            * glom/layout_item_dialogs/dialog_imageobject.h:
            New dialog for editing the new layout item.
            * glom/reports/dialog_layout_report.cc: Constructor:
            Add new image item to available parts.
            * glom/utils.cc:
            * glom/utils.h: Added create_local_image_uri(), to
            save a temporary copy of the image to the filesystem,
            for use in HTML report.
            * glom/utility_widgets/imageglom.cc:
            * glom/utility_widgets/imageglom.h: Added set_read_only().
            * xslt/print_report_to_html.xsl: Handle field nodes that
            have image_uri instead of value.