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    Maemo: Use Hildon::FileChooserDialog for opening files. · 8df34434
    Murray Cumming authored
    * glom/application.[h|cc]: Remove unused (and unnecessary since the new
    initial dialog) on_menu_file_open() and on_menu_file_close() overrides
    and ui_file_select_open_with_browse().
    * glom/dialog_existing_or_new.cc: on_select_clicked(): Use
    Hildon::FileChooserDialog on Maemo.
    * glom/bakery/app_withdoc_gtk.cc: Remove the uncommented undef of
    GLOM_ENABLE_MAEMO - no more nasty hacks please. Instead comment-out
    the set_menu() call with a TODO, leaving the rest of the maemo-specific
    code working.