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    Add and use utility functions for creating temporary files. · 25562202
    Murray Cumming authored
    * glom/libglom/utils.[h|cc]: Added get_temp_file_uri(),
    get_temp_file_path(), get_temp_directory_uri() and
    get_temp_directory_path(), using the correct awkward code that
    avoids overwriting existing files.
    * glom/application.cc:
    * glom/libglom/connectionpool_backends/postgres_self.cc:
    * glom/libglom/report_builder.cc:
    * glom/utility_widgets/imageglom.cc:
    * tests/import/utils.cc:
    * tests/test_document_autosave.cc:
    * tests/test_selfhosting_new_empty.cc:
    * tests/test_selfhosting_utils.cc: Use these functions instead
    of repeating the same stuff badly.
    * Makefile_tests.am: Link to libglom so the import tests can use
    the new utility functions.
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