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    Avoid compiler warnings from function pointer conversions · af768ca0
    Kjell Ahlstedt authored
    gcc8 -Wextra prints a warning when a single reinterpret_cast is used for
    conversion between different types of function pointers. The previous fix
    with a union in Glib::bitwise_equivalent_cast<>() is not standard C++.
    Rename the function to Glib::function_pointer_cast<>(), and use two
    reinterpret_casts as recommended in gcc's documentation.
    * glib/src/optiongroup.ccg: Use a reinterpret_cast to convert from
    a function pointer to void*. That's possible now. It's "conditionally
    supported", starting with C++11.
    See https://github.com/libsigcplusplus/libsigcplusplus/issues/8
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