Commit bc079914 authored by Kjell Ahlstedt's avatar Kjell Ahlstedt

Gio::SocketAddress: Fix property_family()

Gio::SocketFamily is an enum. It shall not be stored in a Glib::RefPtr.
parent 50d92077
......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ public:
_WRAP_METHOD(bool to_native(gpointer dest, gsize destlen), g_socket_address_to_native, errthrow)
_WRAP_METHOD(gssize get_native_size() const, g_socket_address_get_native_size)
_WRAP_PROPERTY("family", Glib::RefPtr<SocketFamily>)
_WRAP_PROPERTY("family", SocketFamily)
} // namespace Gio
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