Commit 25846ce1 authored by Kjell Ahlstedt's avatar Kjell Ahlstedt Committed by Daniel Boles

tests/glibmm_ustring_format: Fix non-English langs

> when I tested it, the glibmm_ustring_format test failed. It failed
> because my chosen language in Ubuntu is Swedish. The expected "42.00"
> became "42,00". The decimal delimiter is a comma in most European
> languages. English is an exception.

!4 (comment 352960)
parent 3b3d656c
......@@ -6,6 +6,10 @@
main(int, char**)
// Don't use the user's preferred locale. The decimal delimiter may be ','
// instead of the expected '.'.
char carr[10] = "Užduotys";
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