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    build: Add NMake Makefiles · 661e3f6b
    Chun-wei Fan authored
    This adds a set of NMake Makefiles which can be used to build glibmm
    with Visual Studio 2017 and later.  This will supersede the Visual
    Studio 2017 project files, as this approach will reduce the likelihood
    of the Visual Studio build files becoming out-of-date as this also
    reads from the various filelist.am's under glib/ and gio/.
    The existing gendef, and generated [glib|gio]mmconfig.h and generated
    [glib|gio]mm.rc will continue to be used.
    The NMake Makefiles will now be distributed instead of the Visual Studio
    project files from this point on.
    The Visual Studio project files will be removed in the next commit
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