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    2.6.6: · 6d5edea4
    Murray Cumming authored
    2006-04-25  Murray Cumming  <murrayc@murrayc.com>
            * configure.in:
            * glib/glibmmconfig.h.in:
            * scripts/reduced.m4: Added a --enable-api-default-signal-handlers option. This defines
            GLIBMM_DEFAULT_SIGNAL_HANDLERS_ENABLED, which is used to #ifdef default signal handlers.
            This saves on library code size (less code and API symbols) and application code size and
            loading time (less virtual methods, which must be imported and resolved at load time) and
            per-object memory size (smaller object sizes because of less virtual methods.)
            * tools/m4/class_interface.m4:
            * tools/m4/class_shared.m4: Put default signal handler code in #ifdefs.
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