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    visibility: Use a separate CFLAGS variable · 5d42fdd0
    Allison Karlitskaya authored
    We only want to control the default visibility for our five main
    installable libraries: libglib, libgthread, libgmodule, libgobject,
    libgio.  We should therefore only set -fvisibility=hidden when building
    Use a separate substitution variable for this purpose.
    Using CFLAGS directly leads to some modules built in testcases not
    exporting their symbols (and then the tests fail).  It also affects the
    fam file monitoring module.
    Colin had originally done it this way in his visibility patch series but
    I failed to understand why so I didn't copy it.  Now I do.
    Also: revert changes made to two testcases in an attempt to work around
    this issue.
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