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    MSVC builds: Add scripts to generate .pc files · 374a61f2
    Chun-wei Fan authored
    Add a generic script, pc_base.py, which can be utilized to obtain path
    info, along with user-input version info, which can be used to generate
    pkg-config .pc files.  Also enhance replace.py a bit so that it can also
    be used in the future to replace multiple items in a file in one shot.
    This is done to make building introspection files easier, as it depends
    much on the pkg-config .pc files to work.
    Update the project files so that when Python is available, we can generate
    the full, usable .pc files when we complete and 'install' the builds, and
    copy them to appropriate locations so that pkg-config can be set to find
    them easily.
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