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    • Dan Winship's avatar
      Fix overloading of "source" and "target" terminology in GBinding · 8e17040c
      Dan Winship authored
      GBindingTransformFunc called its arguments "source_value" and
      "target_value", but in the transform_from function of a bidirectional
      binding, "source_value" comes from the target object, and
      "target_value" comes from the source object, which quickly gets
      confusing if you need to use g_binding_get_source(), etc, in the
      Of course developers can call their transform function arguments
      whatever they want, but many will copy from the headers/docs to start
      out, so use less confusing names here ("from_value" and "to_value").
      Also, fix the documentation to describe the bidirectional case
  8. 04 Oct, 2013 8 commits
  9. 03 Oct, 2013 9 commits
    • Ryan Lortie's avatar
      gdesktopappinfo: Large-scale whitespace fixup · c8e1dbb1
      Ryan Lortie authored
      Fix up a lot of whitespace issues in this file since we're about to do
      some pretty serious rewriting here anyway...
      Add some fold markers while we're at it.
    • Ryan Lortie's avatar
      gdesktopappinfo: rework search path · b0601e75
      Ryan Lortie authored
      Change the search path to be a global array of 'DesktopFileDir' structures and
      change the 'get' function to an 'ensure' function.
      This is just a straight-up refactor.  Future patches will expand the
      DesktopFileDir structure.
    • Ryan Lortie's avatar
      gdesktopappinfo: remove global_defaults_cache · 5e59ab8e
      Ryan Lortie authored
      ...and some related functions.
      This variable is also used for nothing at all.
    • Ryan Lortie's avatar
      gdesktopappinfo: remove should_ping_mime_monitor · b95ef4aa
      Ryan Lortie authored
      This variable is used for nothing...
    • Ryan Lortie's avatar
      glocalfile: add private worker monitor APIs · 33762a41
      Ryan Lortie authored
      Add a convenient and race-free method of watching local files from the
      GLib worker thread.
      Without this, the race-free way to create a monitor that dispatches
      events to the worker thread looked something like this:
       - dispatch an idle to the worker thread
       - from the idle, create the monitor and connect signals
       - from the original thread, wait (on a cond?) until the worker thread
         has finished setting up the monitor
       - read the file that you were monitoring
      which is just ridiculously complicated...
      To use the new API:
        monitor = g_local_file_monitor_new_in_worker ("/path/to/some/file",
        g_assert_no_error (error);
        g_signal_connect (monitor, "changed", G_CALLBACK (callback), NULL);
        g_local_file_monitor_start (monitor);
      'callback' will run from the GLib worker thread.
      This is the reason that the start() call was introduced in the previous
      commit.  The backends that don't use the start() call will have a very
      thin race between creating the monitor and connecting the signal, but
      hopefully they will be fixed soon.
      These new APIs will be used (at least) from gdesktopappinfo to watch for
      changes in the desktop file directories.
    • Ryan Lortie's avatar
      GFileMonitor: support specifying a context · 5409d782
      Ryan Lortie authored
      Add a new "context" construct-only property to allow explicitly
      specifying the context in which events should be dispatched.
    • Ryan Lortie's avatar
      inotify: stop using constructor() · 700677de
      Ryan Lortie authored
      and start using the new start() vcall on the local monitor classes.
      I only port inotify because I am uncomfortable making changes to the
      other monitor backends without having a way of testing them.
    • Ryan Lortie's avatar
      local monitors: make more idiomatic use of GObject · b050dc3c
      Ryan Lortie authored
      Stop abusing constructor() to do startup work, adding _start() calls
      The backends themselves still use constructor() although a patch will be
      following to also fix inotify.
      The reason for using a separate start() call instead of constructed()
      will become apparent in future commits.
    • Ryan Lortie's avatar
      directory monitor: use the right 'mount_notify' · 1ddfd9d9
      Ryan Lortie authored
      During initialisation of a directory monitor with the
      G_FILE_MONITOR_WATCH_MOUNTS flag set, GLocalDirectory monitor will add a
      UNIX mount watch in case the file notification backend doesn't support
      reporting these events for itself.
      Unfortunately, it was performing the check incorrectly, resulting in a
      monitor always being added.
      Fix that, and add the #define for G_LOCAL_DIRECTORY_MONITOR_GET_CLASS()
      that was also missing (since the fix depends on it).
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